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Sexual harassment is an issue with any profession, and librarianship is no different. All of us – women, men, transgender, everyone – deserve to feel safe and secure in our places of work. These playful little comments alluding to our sexuality or what we do behind closed doors or what we wear when we’re not in the library? They can turn out to be not so playful. At the very least, they are awkward and uncomfortable. At their worst, they are dangerous. It’s harmless until it isn’t, and the line is just too easy to cross.

Enough With the “Sexy Librarian” Thing, Already | BOOK RIOT (via bookriot)

I hate being hit on at work. It is uncomfortable and exasperating. Thankfully hasn’t happened as much since I cut off a bunch of my hair, but people still make it super awkward.

My friends used to joke about sexy librarians a lot, but then I got them addicted to Welcome to Night Vale. Now they profess their fear of me as a terrifying hellbeast with magical library powers. This is infinitely preferable.

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Alciati, Andrea, 1492-1550.  Liuret des emblemes de maistre Andre Alciat, mis en rime francoyse, & presente a mon seigneur ladmiral de France. [Paris] : On les vend a Paris en la maison de Chrestien Wechel …, M. D. XXXVI. [1536].

This book consists of woodcut emblems, with a Latin poem concerning each woodcut, and a French version on each opposite page.  The beautiful binding in brown morocco is attributed to Leon Gruel, a famous bookbinder of the late 19th-early 20th century, or at least a follower of his.  Here’s a binding at the British Library that’s signed by Gruel and is remarkably similar!

MERLIN catalog record